Atelier Munro opens its first stand-alone store

On the 26th of October 2017, the world’s first stand-alone store for the revolutionary, Amsterdam-based menswear brand Atelier Munro opened its doors. Together with OGER, a well-established national and international Dutch retailer, the innovative store ‘OGER by Atelier Munro’ was born – located at Honthorststraat 2, around the corner from P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam.

In collaboration with the best multi-brand retailers, Atelier Munro’s custom-crafted menswear is currently sold across Europe and North America. Unique to the concept is the seamless integration of craftsmanship and online shopping, plus the previously unheard of opportunity for men to have a ‘total look’ custom crafted from head to toe. Including everything from suits, jackets and shirts to sweaters, jeans, shoes, sneakers and more.

Featuring a contemporary and original decor, the shop itself supplies an outstanding source of inspiration. At the same time, Atelier Munro’s user-friendly online component – also integral to the in-store experience – takes the guesswork out of the ‘design your own’ process by letting customers quickly preview their finished looks. The guiding principle? Everything Atelier Munro makes is crafted exclusively for the customer himself, right down to the last detail.

Would you like to see more? In the menu ‘what we do’ (stores), you can find the pictures.