IB on tour: breakdown on the road to London (June 2019)

This time our Imagebuilders team not only travelled to Nashville Tennessee,  Cape Town South Africa but also closer to home, to many European cities, to build, supervise and maintain stores and shop-in-shops for Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Kipling, IZOD, Scotch&Soda, Atelier Munro and others. Working the globe things don’t always go according to plan. Amongst our many destinations we had to go to London a couple of times for a large store project. This time we sent Ben our trusted supervisor, the one you all know from our stories and vlogs. Together with our engineer Minne he travelled there by car. Two guys on the road, what could possibly go wrong? Well, read and weep.

Halfway through rural Belgium, the car suddenly started shaking and stopped. Some kind of serious mechanical failure obviously. But… it turned out to be more of a human error, they just refuelled, and chose gasoline instead of diesel… Something you would expect from our blondies Mariska and Sanne, but apparently it can happen to anyone. The car was towed away and they had to get a rental car to continue their trip to London. Ben wouldn’t be Ben if he wouldn’t make it on time, so they arrived exactly on schedule.

He does have quite some experience with troubles on the way. Not only simple things like flat tires, but also for example having such a good time with colleague Robin at the airport of Shanghai that he didn’t notice the gate change of his flight. It would have made him miss the flight if it wasn’t for a kind Chinese man guiding him to the right gate. So… whatever happens, Ben is there, on time, for you and always in a good mood! That’s why we love him.