IB on tour: potatoes and fine food (July 2019)

As the year meanders along another month has been and gone. At IB we have been travelling all over the world as usual, but sometimes the nicest surprises are not that far from home. For your entertainment we checked in with our roaming colleague Ben and asked him what his favourite July moment was. As it turns out it was his visit to Bulgaria. He went there to supervise the installation of a G-star store in Grand Mall Varna.

It was his first time to Bulgaria and one of the first things he noticed and surprised him, was the enormous hospitality of the locals. Another surprise was the noticeable gap between rich and poor.  Little food stalls selling potatoes scattered throughout the shopping areas nested amongst big fashion chains and luxury retail outlets. Nevertheless everyone was equally friendly.

The four days Ben was in Varna, he worked together with Vassil, owner of many stores in Sofia and Varna and an amicable and warm person. Vassil arranged everything to perfection. Transport, loading and unloading (usually the things that have the greatest chance of giving us a headache) and it all went super smoothly.

The first night Ben went to a Greek restaurant where a Greek party was going on, so he really enjoyed himself, smashed some china and thought things couldn’t get better. By the end of his visit however, Vassil invited him to a place with an amazing view over the Black Sea, where they had a delicious dinner. As a digestif Vassil treated him to a cocktail. Not a regular one, but one in a huge glass, more like a vase, in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. To be sure, Vassil ordered a taxi for Ben after he finished his drink. Walking had become sort of a risk 😉 But the store was ready to open so the cocktail was well deserved.

See you next month with new adventures!