Imagebuilders intensifies collaboration with sustainability advisor MOD

Having set several serious goals when it comes to sustainability, Imagebuilders will increase its cooperation with sustainability advisor MOD (Mijn Onderneming Duurzaam) this year. MOD helped to realize various independent projects over the last years, but as per beginning of 2019 there will be a thorough plan to work towards goals like becoming a carbon neutral company. 

‘We’ve made several steps in the last years,’ explains Sustainability Manager Sanne Vincenten, ‘but it’s time for a more comprehensive plan now. We cannot ignore what’s happening to our environment and being a production company, we feel the obligation to do whatever we can. This will include not only what happens within the walls of our office, but also our products, way of working and eventually the whole chain.’ 

The IB Sustainability Plan and its progress will be available online later this year.