Pop-up store for 3FM Serious Request

The week before Christmas will be a very special week for us in Apeldoorn this year.

Serious Request is an annual fund raising event for a selected Red Cross project and hosted by the Dutch radio station 3FM. This year they will have their, so called, glass house right here in our city centre.

It will be the main topic of conversation on radio and tv, and all city residents will be there with creative initiatives to raise money.

As shop fitters from Apeldoorn, we have the honour to design and produce the pop-up store that will be located a stone’s throw from the glass house where Dutch celebrities will donate personal items to be displayed for auction.

We wanted our design to reflect the theme of this year which is all about restoring the contact between family members who have lost each other due to war or natural disasters. Therefore we’ve designed different types of houses to emphasize that this is all about reuniting families and bringing people home again.

Every year, an artist is involved in designing the pop-up store and this year we’re happy to have Jack Liemburg (Jacksart) working with us. In collaboration with Jack, we have changed our fixtures into pieces of art. See some pictures below.

We can’t wait for the final result!

The pop-up store will be opened on the 18th of December 2017.