SNS opens first circular shop in Zoetermeer

On March 25, SNS opened its first circular shop in Zoetermeer. The unique aspect of this system is that all the materials used in the shop can be re-used and have a longer ‘shelf life’. From now on, all new SNS shops will be constructed in accordance with circular principles. SNS will use the experience and feedback it receives on the circular shop in Zoetermeer to fine-tune the concept. Hidde van der Kluit, Facilities Manager: “We are sticking our necks out with our ambition to make our new shops sustainable in compliance with the requirements of circularity, but this is completely in line with our responsibility to damage the planet as little as possible.”

The raw materials used in the circular shop will remain effective for as long as possible. This means that they will be able to be re-used as much as possible. This obviously influences the choice of the materials that are used. In the SNS shop, for example, the curtains are made from PET bottles and the table legs from tubular cases made from cardboard. And the kitchen and ceiling can also be taken out and re-used. Ramon Beenen, technical manager at SNS: “The carpeting has been produced in accordance with the most recent circular insights – the fibres can be extracted from the underlay and the carpet tiles can be taken straight from the shop floor and installed elsewhere.” SNS does not intend to convert existing shops into circular shops. Van der Kluit: ‘It’s much more sustainable to leave the shop as it is. To renovate now would be harmful to the environment.”

SNS considers it important to minimise any damage to the planet as much as possible when conducting its business. This is why the bank was involved with the Green Deal for Circular Buildings right from the start. The shop in Zoetermeer is one of the pilot projects that is part of this scheme. The bank aims to be completely climate-neutral by 2030.