Vlog #29 Detail in retail: craftsmanship, the key to success

The last vlog of our detail in retail vlog series is online! Today we will take you to Amsterdam, where we will talk about tip 5 from Olaf: Focus on craftsmanship in your store. One of the brands we think about, when it comes to craftsmanship, is Oger. That is why we have arranged an interview with Sander Lusink from Oger. Do you want to know what good craftsmanship means? Watch the video below!

For this detail in retail vlog series we would like to thank everyone who participated, Olaf Zwijnenburg in particular! Olaf, thanks for the interview and for sharing your knowledge about the retail sector. The next two months we will be offline because of the summer holidays. We will be back in September with a new vlog series. Enjoy your summer and we would love to see you back in September!