Volunteering at a refugee camp

We are constantly being flooded with heart-breaking images of refugees, young and old, in the media, and the standard response for most of us is one of powerlessness.
But when Sanne Vincenten, account manager at Imagebuilders, heard by chance of a project with refugees in Athens, she decided she had to do something. And that ‘something’ turned out to be 10 days at a camp on Lesvos as part of a project with young children who had found shelter in the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the island.

She paid all expenses for travel, accommodation, food, car hire herself, Imagebuilders sponsored 300 meals.

Her experiences there have made her appreciate what a good life she has in the Netherlands. A life that the refugees also had before fleeing for their lives. She is now looking into other opportunities to help.

Watch this film to see the kind of work that is being done on Lesvos. You can see Sanne from 7m2sec).