Welcome to the Netherlands, Hudson’s Bay!

September has been a crazy month, since as many as 10 Hudson’s Bay department stores opened in the Netherlands. According to the Canadian CEO Jerry Storch the opportunity to use the attractive local spaces from bankrupt Dutch chain V&D was too good to ignore.

When the retailer opened its doors in our country in August, it marked the first time in its history that Hudson’s Bay stepped outside Canada’s borders with its flagship name. Original plans to bring their Belgium Inno department stores to Holland, were not received with great enthusiasm by the Dutch.

The Dutch Hudson’s Bay department store interior doesn’t look like the Canadian one’s interior however. In Holland, the stores are arranged in a less classical way and there’s close attention paid to visual presentation. The experience is different from the experience one will have in any other department store.

We are proud to have contributed in several ways to these beautifully furnished department stores.