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Founded in 1986, we are an international company with a team of over 100 dedicated professionals working in our head office in the Netherlands. At imagebuilders we believe that our people make the difference. Building strong relationships with our customers is the key to our success, our service level is what makes us unique. Below you will find a selection of our team working in the different departments.

meet the team

Jan Berends
VP & Director of Sales
Sanne Vincenten
Sustainability Manager
Jurgen Hertgers
Director Operational Sales, Engineering & Development
Michael Romijn
Senior Account Manager
Wilco Zegveld
Head of Engineering & Development
Robin Beekman
Manager Engineering & Development
Wijnand Daaleman
Director Operations
Maarten de Croon
Account Manager
Zeljka Gavric
Account Coordinator
Matthijs Schmaltz
Spray Painter
Duncan Davidson
Business Process Manager
Gordon Downer
Quality Coordinator
Karel van Asselt
Furniture Joiner
Jeroen Bijvank
Project Manager
Marcel Warger
Warehouse Manager
Moirena Kaal
Layout Designer
Nicolet Lieferink
HR Manager
Richard van den Brink
Floor Manager Production
Jasper Wolf
New Business Development Manager
Jan van den Brink
Senior Engineer
Sandor Bos
Warehouse Employee
René Köhler
Mechanical Employee
Marc de Sevren Jacquet
Kayleigh van den Brink
Installation Planner
Nick Logtenberg
Junior Business Controller
Kees Zandsteeg
Alex van Luttikhuizen
Floor Manager Production
Marleen Egberts
Account Coordinator
Ralph van der Beek
Warehouse Employee
Minne Gort
Martijn Sloot
Furniture Joiner
Ronald Schuurman
Production Planner
Marco Wegerif
Furniture Joiner
Hendrik Delhaas
Technical Design Coordinator
Patrick van der Pluijm
Mechanical Employee
Thomas Mulder
Furniture Joiner
Sander Ram
Spray Painter
Ronald Jongenelis
Furniture Joiner
Henk Denekamp
Ben Snitselaar
Quality Controller
Ellis Dufour
Finance Employee
Susanne Neijenhuis
Account Coordinator
Judith Barmentlo
Senior Finance Employee