our recipe for success

We will take care of any aspect of your project.

We will build the image of your brand, literally, at the location of your choice.
A complete store interior, shop-in-shop or a custom-made product (e.g. a branding item, display, presenter, VM tool).
Imagebuilders will take the pressure of your shoulders by arranging everything.
We offer you a total package, customized to your needs.




We offer you complete project management services.
Our experienced and dedicated client service teams make sure they understand your brand, products and ideas.


Our skilled layout designers can create a visual identity that will represent your store or shop-in-shop interior.
They use graphic design and illustration to ensure that your brand and product achieves its full potential.


Our engineers translate your design into a store with focus on sustainable materials and intelligent solutions.
By applying value engineering we make your design practical, efficient and economic.


When it comes to production, our passion for creating something from nothing and our attention for detail combine to ensure satisfied clients. We are aware of all the possibilities that exist in terms of materials and production technologies.

Next to our own production facility in Apeldoorn we have production centres in the East of Europe, Baltic States, Turkey and China. They are ideally located for supplying and delivering your larger-scale projects.


Another area where Imagebuilders shows its expertise is its logistics system. This ensures that the hundreds of components required for any specific fixture can be collected and shipped quickly and error-free. We can manage your stock at one of our warehouses, pick your order and ship it to wherever you need it to be using our selected forwarders.


Our dedicated installation teams and our international network of specialized partners ensure your projects are delivered and installed on time with attention to detail and high quality. When your project reaches the end of its life in-store, we offer recycling services taking care of disassembly and certified waste management.


We are very proud of our high level aftersales services. Our dedicated account teams are extremely eager to make sure you are and stay satisfied. Of course, after we hand over the store or shop-in-shop to you, there should be no snaggings. If there are, we will take care of them right away. If any issues might occur later on, you can just contact us and we will solve the problem.