the future is NOW


the key to understanding the future is one word: sustainability

Imagebuilders is located in Apeldoorn, a city in the middle of the Dutch national park ‘The Veluwe’. You won’t be surprised we believe caring about sustainability should be as natural for companies as the desire to make profit. Actually, we even believe long-term profit and growth are not possible without a sustainable approach. We have made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in our business operations and incorporate principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions. These principles concern both environmental measures and measures regarding people and society.

– Jan Berends, Vice President at Imagebuilders

our environmental measures

The first thing most people think about when it comes to sustainability, is nature. We are trying to contribute in many ways, for example:


We use eco-friendly materials, such as PEFC and FSC®C-C125321 certified wood and low VOC paint.
We are focusing on continental production to avoid long transport routes and we are working with 'lean and green' transport companies
We have an electric/hybrid company car fleet and charging stations at our office. We are striving to become carbon neutral and achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Details of our certification credentials download from here:

Download our FSC®-C125321 Certificate

Download our PEFC Certificate

our people & society measures

To us, sustainability also means taking care of people and society. We want to inspire and encourage our employees while developing their own initiatives. We support initiatives from our valued customers, like the school benches we produced for a Tommy Hilfiger school project in Uganda.

We think it is important to invest in employee development. Our people are our most valuable assets. We believe a happy employee will lead directly to happy customers. At Imagebuilders we’re having custom made internal training and education programs.

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