The beginning

In the 1980s, Albert Abbink gained considerable fame in the Netherlands for making and installing glass fireplaces, and he served prominent customers including Rattan Chadha, owner of fashion brands Moustache and Emanuelle. Chadha decided to merge his brands into MEXX and asked Abbink to install simple racks for the clothes in the shops. Abbink enthusiastically agreed and together with Dick Catalani, who joined them, they developed a new concept for displaying the racks. This led to the creation of Imagebuilders, a company known for its customer satisfaction and close cooperation with MEXX's top management. Imagebuilders soon attracted other customers such as KPN and Auping.

In 2007, we opened an office in Foshan Nanhai, China. After seven years, we grew out of that location and moved to Shanghai. There, we expanded our operations and services, creating a very high level of customer satisfaction. The central location and modern facilities allowed us to build stronger relationships with suppliers, which supported our continued growth.

In the meantime, we have built shops worldwide for dozens of major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Kipling and many others. Our expertise in shop design and project management has made us a trusted partner for these leading brands. We deliver tailor-made solutions that reinforce brand identity and provide an optimal shopping experience. Our strong reputation and customer-oriented approach have led to growth in both national and international markets.

our people


Rob Schuurhuis
Managing Director

Wijnand Daaleman
Director Operations

Jan Berends
Vicepresident Sales & Marketing

Martina Weijers

Jurgen Hertgers
Account Director

Jasper Wolf
Sales Manager

Anne Weijman
Project Manager

Pleun Selles
Sales Coördinator

Ronald Jongenelis

Marleen Egberts
Proces Coördinator & Management Support

Duncan Davidson
Business Process Manager

Moirena Kaal
Lay-out Designer

Naomi van der Veen

Mariia Sukhovik
Project Support

Luuk Zwartbol
Project Manager

Zeljka Gavric
Project Support

Jeroen Bijvank

Henk Denekamp

Kees Zandsteeg

Maarten de Croon

Susanne Neijenhuis
Project Support

Tim Bosman

Grit Lemmens
Project coördinator

Jan van den Brink

Wilco Zegveld
Technical Manager

Kayleigh van den Brink
Installation Planner

Ben Snitselaar
Installation Supervisor

Kacper Rudnicki
Furniture Joiner

Thomas Mulder
Furniture Joiner

Ellis Dufour
Business Controller

Henk Wessels
Logistics Manager

Marcel Warger
Logistics Coördinator

Jesper van de Zandschulp
Warehouse employee

Renate Bloem
Facilities Employee

Judith Barmentlo
Finance Employee

Marc de Sevren Jacquet
Technical Purchaser

Renske Wijnbergen

Ling Hellström

Peter Mom

Patrick Modderkolk
Finance Controller

Lu Wang
Logistic Coordinator

Sophia Sun
Office Manager

Katherine Dai
Project Coordinator

Jolice Yang
Sourcing Manager

Kinny Wang
Quality Control

Tina Han
Finance Employee

Curtis Deng
Quality Control

Want to be part of the team

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Surprisingly flexible and loyal service

Clients are happy with our surprisingly flexible and loyal service and we are proud of this. Interior fit-outs are the last step in a process and often constrained by time. Imagebuilders is accustomed to this. Even with high pressure deadlines. You can rely on a la carte advise, careful management and in depth information on material options. We provide both familiar and sustainable materials from our library.

Together for a better future

Even after implementation we remain involved and proactively collaborate. After time our interiors can easily be modified to cater for new wishes and developments. Our professional workshop can provide quality restoration and updates. For every concept we provide a sustainable option.