Image a la carte

Your reputation in safe hands

Image a la carte gives you the freedom to create your own menu. Any choice you make we ensure that the budget is controlled, that you receive optimal service and our affiliation. Your reputation is in safe hands.

What you can expect from us

From A to Z you are guaranteed attention and leadership. We master the whole process. From concept to production, logistics and installation. Even after implementation you can count on our service and our affiliation.

Combine your own menu


From concept to presentation

Through interactive meetings and discussions with our creative team and capable engineers we translate atmosphere, image and functionality into a creative proposal. You will become an integral part of the final design.


Engineering and prototyping

The transition from a final design to technique, materials and production. Our engineers provide a high quality construction which is also efficient in production. A prototype gives the opportunity to test function, look and feel.
With value engineering we systematically improve the product to optimize the process, costs and sustainability.


Lay-out design

Using the layout design you get a good impression how a space is planned, where and which furnishings will be implemented. We provide detailed layouts which include 3d visualisations.



Financial surprises are prevented through meticulous calculations for production and eventual follow-up services, stock, distribution and installation. All financial agreements will be documented clearly on paper.



We provide fast and flexible production with unlimited possibilities in materials and production techniques. You will not notice any problems, only creative solutions.


Stock, order picking and logistics

Warehousing stock, fast collection and distribution. No problem. We are very experienced. Just order what you require. We will take care of the rest. Worldwide.



We literally build the image of your brand on location. This can vary from a luxury hotel to a flagship store. We send a team of joiners and a supervisor to manage the team locally.


Project management

For the duration of your project you are ensured with a capable project manager to control deadlines, budget and quality. If you choose for ‘turn key’, you only need to write down the opening date in your agenda.